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    ZheJiang Lichang Technology Co., LTD invested by ZheJiang ZhongLi Group, is a Professional Manufacturer of EVA Encapsulation Sheet for PV Modules. RuiYang Cooperates with DuPont to Develop High-performance EVA Encapsulation Sheet. RuiYang Revax EVA sheet use DuPont Special Made Solar Grades EVA resin, it is enhanced with a Formulation Developed by DuPont, and the Manufacturing Technology comes from USA and JAPAN. Revax EVA Sheet has been tested by National Authorized Institutions and shown to meet High International Standard. The Aging Resistance Property in Particular Demonstrates Superior Performance, the Light Transmittance greater than 99% Retention Rate after 1000 hours UV Aging Test. The Experts from Institute of Renewable Energy Photoelectricity Professionals in China to Conduct a Technical Assessment of Revax EVA sheet, Conclusion Shows that can Replace the Similar Products abroad, and Achieve EVA Sheet Localization. RuiYang has Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System、ISO1400 Environment Management System and GB/T28001 Occupation Health and Safety Management System. Using Revax EVA Sheet Allows PV Modules to Achieve Higher Coversion Efficiency after PV Module Performance Test. It is believed that Revax EVA Sheet is the Preferred Encapsulation Material  for most Module Manufacturers.


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